Amazonia Protein Offers Something for Everyone!

November 30, 2020 4 min read

amazonia protein

Amazonia Protein Offers Something for Everyone!

When it comes to picking out the right protein powder, many people can get overwhelmed. There are so many on the market, and they all offer so many different things! From different sources of protein, to different flavors, to different methods of extraction, there are seemingly infinite varieties of protein supplements for infinite varieties of people, with some of the highest-quality options available being Amazonia protein powders.

The right protein powder for you might be different than the right one for somebody else, but there are still several things to keep in mind when making the decision. In this article, we'll take a quick look at why you might want a good protein powder, and how to choose which one's the best. As well, we'll show off some of the best protein powders we've found that would be perfect as a supplemental addition to most diets!

The Benefits of Protein Powder

Many people, especially those living on a vegan diet, do not get enough protein in their diets. As well, the protein they get is not always complete, meaning that it doesn't feature all of the essential amino acids. This means that, even if you are getting the recommended daily value of protein, it might not all be used by your body.

Good Protein Supplements Feature All Essential Amino Acids

With a good protein powder supplement, you can be sure that you're getting the right amount of protein for your needs. As well, since a good protein supplement will feature all of the essential amino acids, you can rest assured that the protein you're getting will be properly utilized by your body.

Everyone Can Benefit from Protein Supplementation

Whether you're already getting plenty of protein or feel your diet may be lacking, the benefits of a whole food protein supplement that features all essential amino acids shouldn't be overlooked. As a supplement to a healthy diet, protein powders can go a long way towards fulfilling all of your nutritional needs, guaranteeing both longevity and growth.

What Should I Look for In a Protein Powder?

When it comes to protein powders, not all of them are created equally. There are many popular sources for protein isolate, including whey, soy, rice, and pea. While soy, rice, and pea protein are plant-derived and vegan, whey protein is derived from dairy, meaning that it's not fit for vegan diets.

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Not All Protein Is Extracted Equally

Besides the source of the protein, there's also the matter of the manner in which the protein is derived. Many brands on the market will use all sorts of heavy solvents to extract the protein into powder form. For those who are looking to get the cleanest protein possible, going organic is always the best option. Besides ensuring that the protein is extracted using organic methods, it also ensures that the source the protein is extracted from is free from contaminants such as pesticides.

What Other Ingredients Are Included?

While the protein isolate itself is arguably most important, there is also the matter of other ingredients which may be included in various protein supplements. Of course, if the supplement isn't made with organic ingredients, it may contain all sorts of unhealthy fillers and emulsifiers that you won't want gumming up your body.

Amazonia Protein Powders

Now that we've taken a look at the benefits of protein supplementation and what to look for when choosing a protein powder for yourself, let's take a look at some excellent examples! These protein powders from Amazoniaare fantastic and clean sources of protein for vegans and non-vegans alike, featuring organic ingredients and sprouted whole food proteins offering the full profile of amino acids.

Designed for Maximum Protein Absorption

Amazonia protein powders do much more than simply supplement your diet with clean, vegan protein. This line of protein supplements truly innovates, looking at protein supplementation and absorption from a unique and holistic perspective. With Amazonia, it's not only about the ingredients and clean sources, but how those ingredients are utilized.

Full Profile of Essential Amino Acids from Organic and Sprouted Sources

The protein isolate from Amazonia is taken from sprouted and fermented raw golden peas, combined with sprouted and activated rice protein. This mix of proteins not only offers a full amino acid profile, but is more ready to be absorbed by the body due being sprouted. A blend of plant-derived digestive enzymes is also included to promote digestion and absorption even further.

Many Varieties to Choose From!

With Amazonia, you're not only getting an incredibly clean source of protein supplementation, but you're getting a source of protein supplementation that will offer a great deal more to your body that most. Amazonia offers a whole host of flavors, including:

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Natural Powder 1kg

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao & Coconut Powder 1kg

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla & Cinnamon Powder 1kg

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla Powder 1kg

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao & Macadamia Powder 1kg


There's Also a Paleo Option!

Amazonia also offers an alternative protein powder, Amazonia Paleo Protein Vanilla & Lucuma Powder 1kg, that is geared to those on the Paleo diet. This grain-free protein supplement utilizes even more fermented whole food sources to make up for it's lack of rice, including spirulina, pumpkin seed, chia seed, and many more! Those on the Paleo diet can often struggle to find a protein powder that's right for them, and this one may be it! As with Amazonia's other varieties, everything is organic and cleanly sourced so that you can feel good about your protein supplementation. As well, everything is formulated with proper digestion and absorption in mind, offering a full profile of all essential amino acids.

Amazonia Paleo Protein Vanilla & Lucuma Powder 1kg

Find a Protein Powder That's Right for You

There are many things to keep in mind when deciding which type of protein powder to buy, and hopefully this article gave you some great ideas! Whichever protein powder you choose, always remember that going organic is the best option for both you and the environment, and that it's crucial to get all of the essential amino acids in at least some form!

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