Amazonia Proteina: What to Know about the Supplement?

February 02, 2021 4 min read

Amazonia Proteina

Amazonia Proteina: What to Know about the Supplement?

The foods we eat provide our bodies with essential nutrients for different functions. Nonetheless, the wellness market offers a wide range of nutritious supplements. They enrich your diet and some work as meal replacement formulas. However, it is vital to know more about a supplement before using it because not every product is high-quality and safe for consumption. Amazonia Proteina is a product you might come across as you search for different dietary solutions. It is an organic, delicious, and simple to use formulation with beneficial components for your wellbeing. Below are details of its ingredients and what it offers your body. 

What Is Amazonia Proteina?

Amazonia Proteina is a raw protein powder available in jars. It comes in various flavours, including vanilla, cacao and coconut, cacao and macadamia, vanilla and cinnamon, and natural. They are all delicious formulations, and you can try out every flavour. With such options, you are not stuck with one or two tastes. However, Amazonia protein is gentle on your digestive system.

The powder is ACO-certified organic, so you can rest knowing you are consuming natural, safe ingredients. An Australian fitness coach is the brains behind this product. It has all amino acids, including essential, non-essential, and conditionally essential amino acids. However, the formulation contains 80 % of sprouted, activated, fermented protein. Apart from being ACO-certified, it is also heavy metals-tested to ensure you do not ingest any harmful components. ACO stands for Australian Certified Organic.

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The Nutritional Value of Amazonia Proteina

Amazonia Proteina contains several nutrients to benefit your health. For starters, it entails a blend of 30 % brown rice and 70 % golden pea. These provide your body with proteins for muscle development and repair. Each serving of the powder has over 20g of protein, which is an adequate amount. Protein also keeps you feeling full for longer, a benefit that helps reduce cravings and frequent hunger pangs. Besides, sprouted protein is rich in nutrients beneficial to your health.

The product also incorporates plant-based digestive enzymes. They enhance gut health and keep it in better working condition. The enzymes include protease, cellulase, lipase, amylase, and lactase. That is not all. This powder also has zinc, phosphorus, sodium, and iron, which support different bodily functions to keep you healthy.

If you are on a weight-loss routine, Amazonia provides you with a low-calorie protein powder. It contains 104-111 calories depending on the flavor you choose. This amount is low, so it supports your efforts to cut back on your calorie intake. The powder also has minimal carbs, fats, and sugar. The protein amount it offers is more than what some supplements provide.

Amazonia utilizes natural flavorings in its raw protein powders. For example, it uses stevia leaf extract in the products. Stevia is a natural sweetener. All the flavors are from natural sources. Whether you love vanilla or cacao, you get to drink a protein formula with organic flavoring. Nonetheless, the natural flavor option does not have any organic flavors added to it. However, it is delicious, and you can mix it with several other ingredients to come up with tasty combinations.

Amazonia Proteina - Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Natural Powder 1kg

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Natural Powder 1kg

How to Use the Protein Powder

The formula is simple to use and versatile. The quickest way to use it is to blend 3 tablespoons into 200ml of water. The three spoonful are equivalent to 30g of the powder. You can also use a higher dose if need be. Nonetheless, if you are new to this product, start with the recommended dose. Doing so gives your body a chance to slowly get used to the product before you can increase the dosage.

Get creative and come up with a delicious smoothie using this protein powder. For instance, you can use coconut milk, frozen banana, and peanut butter to make a tasty protein drink. Do not worry about calories since the protein powder has minimal calories. You can use additional ingredients without worrying about increasing your calorie intake. Children from 12 to 17 years old can also use Amazonia Proteina at half the adult dosage.

It would be helpful to exercise as you use this product and enhance the outcomes. Remember to drink adequate water every day since high protein amounts raise your body's need for hydration.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on medication, speak with your doctor before using this product. You do not want to have your prescription drugs interacting with any component of the protein powder.

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Other Things to Note

The Amazonia protein powder is vegan and gluten-free. That way, anyone can use it without breaking any diet restrictions. It is also dairy-free, which is helpful for those who might have allergies. The manufacturer utilizes natural flavoring only.

The formula does not have any artificial components, which safeguards your wellness. It has minimal sugar levels and no additives. Besides, it is nutritious with ingredients that benefit your body.

Amazonia formulates the powder to be simple to digest. Your body has an easy time breaking it down to support different functions. However, the plant-based enzymes ensure premium bioavailability of the protein powder.

Increase your daily protein intake using Amazonia and provide your muscles with what they need to stay in shape. Besides, protein is an alternative source of energy when your body used up carbs.

Final Thoughts

Amazonia Proteina is a product you should consider using. It contains adequate daily protein to ensure your body works properly. Apart from the natural taste, Amazonia provides four other flavors that are delicious. Instead of mixing the powder with water, you can enhance the taste of the drink with other foods such as bananas. If you need better results, consider working out as you use this product.

The powder is highly bioavailable, simple to digest, and contains other nutrients besides protein. The digestive enzyme boosts digestive functions, while zinc, sodium, iron, and phosphorus serve different functions in your body. Nevertheless, despite this being a protein powder, the manufacturer should include more nutrients, such as vitamins and probiotics. Some brands offer more nutritious protein powders than Amazonia's. That aside, if you are working on losing weight, this product has low calories and minimal sugar levels, which prevent you from gaining more weight.

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