Amazonia Raw Protein - A Closer Look

October 27, 2020 4 min read

Amazonia Raw Protein

Amazonia Raw Protein - A Closer Look

Amazonia is a health company that has grown from a mere presence in a flea market to a global provider of sustainably sourced superfood and supplement powders. Amazonia understands that many health problems can be traced back to poor nutrition, and they aim to provide wholesome food products that cater to different aspects of health. Amazonia raw protein powders are one such product.

They combine certified organic plant proteins with different ingredients to provide not just a protein but an all-around supplement that will give you just what you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What Type of Protein?

Amazonia Raw Proteins come in powder form so you have a variety of choices on how to take them. You can mix the powder with plain water, coconut water, or non-dairy milk, blend, and drink. You can also make a delicious smoothie and throw some protein powder along with the other ingredients.

The powder contains a combination of sprouted and fermented protein, of which 70% is golden pea and 30% is brown rice.

These powders are 100% vegan, which means that they're plant-based. Plant proteins lack at least one essential amino acid, so if you want to get all of them, you have to combine different sources of plant proteins. Blending different plant-based proteins ensures that the powder has all the essential amino acids.

The raw protein in the product is the backbone of the supplement, but other highly nutritious ingredients are included in different protein powders for different needs. Here are some of them.


You definitely know about cocoa powder but do you know about cacao powder? Both come from the cacao tree, but cacao powder is more nutritious. Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao & Coconut Powder 1kg includes real raw cacao bean powder as one of the main ingredients. Some benefits of cacao powder are:

  • It may not be as tasty as cocoa powder but it's a great source of nutrients like magnesium, iron, potassium, fiber, and protein.
  • Potassium and flavonoids in cacao powder lower inflammation in the body which reduces the risk of many illnesses like heart disease and arthritis.
  • Flavonoids in cacao powder are useful in lowering blood pressure and improving the flow of blood to the heart and brain.
  • The flavonoids in cacao powder also reduce the risk of diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity. 

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao & Coconut Powder 1kg


Vanilla is a common flavoring in food and drinks. Natural vanilla extract from the vanilla bean is expensive, so many manufacturers use vanillin produced in the laboratory as a substitute. Of course, it doesn't have the same effect as natural vanilla.

With Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla Powder 1kg though, you don't have to worry about this. The vanilla used is 100% organic. As a flavoring, vanilla is ideal because it reduces the amount of sugar needed to make the product taste good. Still, vanilla is not just a flavoring- it also has a number of other health benefits:

  • It promotes heart health by reducing levels of harmful cholesterol.
  • Its strong aroma has a calming effect on the nerves which reduces anxiety.
  • It has lots of antioxidants that help to heal damaged cells and reduce inflammation.
  • It has antibacterial properties that help your immune system fight infections.
  • It has natural appetite suppressing properties, which is a great help if you're on a weight loss plan. 

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla Powder 1kg


Contrary to popular belief, not all fats are bad. Macadamia nuts contain a higher amount of fats than other nuts like cashew nuts, almonds, and walnuts. And that's a good thing. Macadamia nut fats are monounsaturated, which are better than the more common saturated fats.

Macadamia promotes heart health by lowering levels of bad cholesterol and increasing the levels of good cholesterol. If you don't like macadamia as whole nuts, why not try them in powder form inAmazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao and Macadamia Powder 1kg. You'll like it.

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao and Macadamia Powder 1kg


Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla & Cinnamon Powder 1kg has cinnamon as one of its main ingredients. Cinnamon is a sweet-smelling spice that is almost as old as time, and it is known to have been used from as early as 2000BC. Cinnamon comes in form of powder, pieces of bark, or cinnamon oil, but its health benefits are just the same.

  • Powerful antioxidants in cinnamon help to reduce inflammation, a normal reaction in the body that can become chronic and cause illnesses such as arthritis.
  • Cinnamon promotes heart health by reducing levels of bad cholesterol and keeping good cholesterol stable.
  • It mitigates the negative effects of a high-fat meal due to its high levels of antioxidants.
  • Cinnamon can lower blood pressure.
  • It tastes and smells great. 
Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Vanilla & Cinnamon Powder 1kg


Coconut powder is one of the ingredients in the Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao & Coconut Powder 1kg. It is made by drying and grinding up the inner white & flesh of a coconut. It can be made up of coconut milk or used as a powder directly in cooked foods or baked products. It comes with lots of great health benefits.

  • Coconut powder has a lot of healthy saturated fats like Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), which promote a healthy metabolism.
  • The high amounts of fiber in coconut powder help food move easily through the digestive system.
  • Coconut powder has a low glycemic index, so it keeps your blood sugar level low and stabilizes it as well. This is very helpful for diabetics and people on a weight loss program.
  • Iron present in coconut powder is useful in hemoglobin production, which is needed to transport oxygen to various parts of the body. This is especially useful during a workout or just after a workout as the muscles urgently need oxygen to keep going.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of coconut powder reduce muscle pain and fatigue, especially during strenuous exercise.
  • Coconut powder has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that strengthen the immune system. 

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate Cacao & Coconut Powder 1kg

Final Words

Amazonia raw protein supplements are not just regular old protein supplements, they come laden with wholesome, certified organic ingredients to help you achieve a holistic approach to health.

Amazonia Raw Protein