Amazonia Raw Protein Review - A Closer Look at its Benefits

January 21, 2021 4 min read

Amazonia Raw Protein Review

Amazonia Raw Protein Review - A Closer Look at its Benefits

Protein powders have become a common feature in households, and it is now common to supplement protein needs with protein powders. You can get no end of protein supplements in the market these days, and one such product is Amazonia Raw Protein. In this Amazonia Raw Protein review, we'll look at some of the things that make it so great for your health.

100% Organic

Protein powders are important health supplements, but if they're not organic, it beats the purpose. Some health supplements can actually be hazardous to health due to high levels of chemical residues from herbicidespesticides, or fertilizers that were used in the production of their ingredients.

The ingredients used in Amazonia raw protein powders are 100% certified organic and have no toxic residues from chemical products. They're also sustainably sourced and therefore safe for the environment.

Amazonia Raw Protein Review - organic

100% Vegan

With the rise and rise of veganism, this Amazonia raw protein review would be incomplete without mentioning that it's 100% vegan-friendly. It contains only plant proteins, which means it's dairy-free as well. One major problem with plant-based proteins is that they usually lack one or two essential amino acids, which makes them incomplete proteins.

Amazonia raw protein powders get around this problem by combining two different plant proteins. They contain 70% golden pea and 30% brown rice, both of which are processed by sprouting then fermenting them. This way, one protein supplies the amino acids that the other lacks, and this completes the amino acid profile.

Amazonia Raw Protein Review - vegan

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is the body's way of fighting infection and repairing damaged tissue. It's a very useful defense mechanism. Sometimes, however, inflammatory reactions continue even after the threat to the body has ended, leading to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can result in immune disorders, heart disease, and diabetes.

Eating foods containing antioxidants helps to lower chronic inflammation and reduce the risk of developing all sorts of health disorders associated with it. Amazonia raw protein powders have different ingredients that are packed with antioxidants. Some of these are:

  • Cacao powder which contains flavonoids and potassium which are powerful antioxidants.
  • VanillaAntioxidants in vanilla help reduce inflammation and repair damaged cells.
  • Cinnamon powder has very strong antioxidants and has been used for centuries to lower inflammation.
  • Coconut powder has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces muscle pain during vigorous exercise.

Lowers Cholesterol

Cholesterol is generally thought of as a bad thing, but it isn't all bad. The body needs it for making vitaminscells, and hormones. The cholesterol you need for all this is made in the liver, and any extra cholesterol in the body comes from what you eat- mostly foods high in saturated fats and trans fats. These extra fats lead to the production of more cholesterol in the liver, which can then lead to dangerously high levels of cholesterol in the body. The higher the amounts of bad cholesterol in the blood, the higher the risk of developing heart disease and stroke.

You can control the levels of cholesterol in your body through what you eat. For instance, a number of ingredients in Amazonia raw protein work to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and raise that of good cholesterol.

  • Cinnamon reduces levels of bad cholesterol and maintains stable levels of good cholesterol.
  • Vanilla also lowers levels of bad cholesterol.
  • Unlike saturated fats, monounsaturated fats in macadamia nut powder lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Amazonia Raw Protein Review - low cholesterol

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common health disorders in the world. It is usually managed using a medication, but certain foods can also help lower it. Ingredients in the different Amazonia raw protein powders that contribute to lowering blood pressure include:

  • Cacao powder which has flavonoids that lower blood pressure and improve the general flow of blood throughout the body. This is why it is so good for a pre or post-workout snack.
  • Cinnamon also helps to lower blood pressure.

Manages Blood Sugar levels

When it comes to health disordersdiabetes and high blood pressure go hand in hand. You can't fight one and ignore the other. Fortunately, Amazonia raw protein has ingredients that also help manage blood sugar levels, keeping them low and stable, and lowering your risk of developing diabetes.

  • Coconut powder has a low glycemic index, which means that it contributes to the slow release of glucose into the blood, keeping blood sugar levels low and stable.
  • Cacao powder also has powerful flavonoids that increase insulin sensitivity. This means that they help your cells respond better to insulin and use up glucose in the blood, leading to lower levels of blood glucose. This is helpful for keeping diabetes at bay.

Amazonia Raw Protein Review - sugar level

Good for Digestion

Digestion is a major part of healthy living. Poor digestion can really mess you up. Ingredients in Amazonia raw protein contribute to a better functioning digestive process, which improves the general quality of life.

Plant-based digestive enzymes in the product enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients, making them more available for the needs of the body.

The high fiber content in ingredients such as coconut powder and fermented brown rice slows down the movement of food in the digestive system and ensures thorough digestion and absorption.

Highly Nutritious

The different ingredients in Amazonia Raw Protein Products provide a wide variety of nutrients for the body. Some major nutrients include:

  • Iron- Iron is important for the formation of hemoglobin, which in turn is needed to transport oxygen around the body.
  • Potassium- This is important for fluid balance, contraction of muscles, blood pressure control, and nerve signals.
  • Magnesium- magnesium supports a healthy immune system, is useful for muscle and nerve function, helps to regulate blood pressure, and is crucial in a large number of enzymatic reactions.
  • Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) - These are healthy saturated fats found in coconut which are easier to break down than the more common Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFAs). MCFAs are a better and healthier source of energy than LCFAs.

Amazonia Raw Protein Review - highly nutritious

Final Words

Now that we know a bit more about Amazonia raw protein, we can conclude this Amazonia raw protein review by visiting the store and getting ourselves some!

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