Becoming a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine

December 18, 2019 2 min read

Female fighter karate

A few years ago I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It takes you into the lives of two people who were struggling with their health and shows you their inspirational transformation from going on a juice fast. Like the title says, from fat, sick and nearly dead to alive and kicking.  

By juicing on a regular basis, your body will be flooded with nutrients that will revitalize and reactivate your body on the molecular level and give you higher levels of energy on a constant basis. No more daily doses of caffeine hits or energy drinks needed.

A great time to juice is in the mornings. When your stomach is empty, it maximizes the number of nutrients absorbed and stabilizes blood sugar levels for the rest of the day. It keeps your appetite in check and you won't tend to overeat or eat things that you'll regret later.

Ideally use organic fruit and vegetables, topped up with our range of high quality organic powders and herbs for the best result, and drink the juice within 20 minutes of making it before nutrients are lost due to oxidization.

What are the main reasons juicing has been great for me personally?

  • It’s never been easier/effortless to staying lean without having to go on some fad diet
  • Allows my body time to detox properly (intermittent fasting) by having a juice instead of breakfast
  • Increased energy levels and a stronger immune system

Will I keep juicing on a daily basis? For sure!

Here’s my juicing recipe for those that are interested. I used to add a lot of ingredients but after trying out different combinations, for me, I found it works best by just keeping it simple. Try playing around with different ingredients and find what works best for you as everyone is different.

As a nation, we are gradually being more overweight and a lot of us are starving nutritionally, so juicing on a regular basis can help tip the scales back in our favor :)

To save time I like to make a batch that lasts 3-4 days by keeping the leftover juice in the freezer.

Recipe (serves 6)

6 Apples + 2 TBSP of Super Sprout Apple Powder

20 Carrots

4 lemons + 2 TBSP of Super Sprout Lemon Powder