Broccoli Sprout Powder – Fight Cancer, Depression & More

February 20, 2020 3 min read

Why Broccoli Sprout Powder may be a Superfood?

Most of you reading this won’t be surprised to hear that broccoli sprout powder has a ton of health benefits. Researchers have known for quite a while now that cruciferous vegetables are good for you.

Side note, cruciferous vegetables are vegetables of the Brassicaceae family. This family has many members, such as cauliflower, cabbage, kale, garden cress, brussels sprouts, and most importantly broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli Sprout Powder

Studies show that diets that include cruciferous vegetables are linked to a decreased risk for chronic diseases, like cardiovascular disease & cancer. Cruciferous vegetables contain compounds that have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and possibly cancer-fighting effects. The benefits that are mentioned a lot are the following:

  • Support for healthy aging
  • May fight and prevent cancer
  • Alleviates depression and anxiety
  • Potential support for the cardiovascular system
  • Improving gut health

Exploring the health benefits in more detail?

Support for healthy aging

What determines a person’s age? There are a lot of factors that can affect one’s aging process, but most would agree that the major ones are your genetic code & environmental influences. Luckily, you have a hand to play in these influences.

What do broccoli sprouts have to do with this? Well, broccoli sprouts just so happen to be jam-packed with a cancer-fighting compound called sulforaphane. It is one of the strongest anti-cancer/anti-aging compounds out there.

Studies show that sulforaphane has anti-aging effects ranging from lowered blood pressure and reduced inflammation to reduced risk of neurocognitive disease and cancer.

May Fight and Prevent Cancer

Using broccoli sprouts to fight cancer has been extensively researched. Yes, sulforaphane to the rescue again. The sulforaphane affects the way enzymes activate, which in turn detoxifies your body of potential carcinogens and other disease-causing compounds.

To add, sulforaphane may possibly reverse negative alterations in your genetic code that can lead to cancer. Quite powerful indeed.

Broccoli Sprout Powder

Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

The beneficial effects of sulforaphane on the brain are not limited to autism and neurodegenerative diseases. It may alleviate depression and anxiety as well. It does this by inducing the anti-inflammatory Nrf2 pathway, inhibiting the body’s stress response, and reducing stress-provoked inflammation.

Potential Support for the Cardiovascular System

Sulforaphane influences the production of protective enzymes that support blood vessels. On top of that, it supports the immune system and reduces the amount of inflammatory and oxidative molecules that cause cell damage. Leaving this kind of cell damage unchecked can lead to cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks & strokes.

Improving gut health

To have a healthy gut, one’s cells lining the gastrointestinal tract need to be functioning at optimal levels. Thankfully, sulforaphane helps these cells to function more efficiently. It also has been shown to destroy certain bacterium that cause stomach infections. 

Broccoli Sprout Powder

Safety & Dosage?

Broccoli sprouts are widely consumed in many parts of the world. There have been no reported concerns with respect to their tolerance and safety in humans.

Broccoli sprouts powder vs fresh

The powder version can be kept in a cool, dark place in your kitchen for months, whereas fresh broccoli sprouts may only last a few days.

Sulforaphane concentrations in broccoli sprouts powder is also significantly greater. And being able to sprinkle a bit of powder into your smoothie or on your food makes the powder version much more convenient.



Broccoli sprouts pack a surprisingly powerful punch. The sulforaphane they contain can be 100 times more than your run of the mill broccoli.

Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts is associated with heart health, strong bones, detoxification, respiratory health, and may even alleviate depression & anxiety. You can now see why some people are calling this a superfood!

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Broccoli Sprout Powder