Choosing the Best Healthy Energy Foods for Athletes

October 06, 2020 4 min read

Choosing the Best Healthy Energy Foods for Athletes

Choosing the Best Healthy Energy Foods for Athletes

Athletes spend a lot of energy working out. Because of this, they need to constantly replace that energy through the foods they eat. For an athlete, it's not just about eating lots of food- it's about eating smart and choosing the best healthy energy foods for athletes.

What matters is not how much you eat, but what you eat. The food you eat has to be well balanced to provide all the nutrients you need to produce energy, grow and repair muscles, and keep you healthy.

What Should Athletes Eat?

Athletes should eat a variety of foods to maximize their potential. Sure, carbs are important, but they only produce energy. All the carbs in the world won't help you if your immunity is too weak to fight the common cold, or if your muscles are too weak to actually burn energy.

That's why athletes have to eat different types of foods with different nutrient profiles which when combined lead to a healthy and strong body.

Choosing the Best Healthy Energy Foods for Athletes

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals provide the body with the building blocks it needs to build organs and keep them working. Vitamins strengthen the immune system and prevent you from falling prey to common infections.

Calcium promotes and maintains bone growth, which is important to avoid fractures and breaks during sports. Calcium is found in bone broth and dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Iron is important for red blood cells to transport oxygen, which is needed to produce energy. No iron, no oxygen, no energy. This is why people with anemia are always so tired. Foods rich in iron include lean meat, poultry, fish, and green leafy vegetables.


Carbs are the fuel that drives your body. Not eating them is like trying to drive a car without gas-it won't go. Carbs can be found in grains, fruit, and vegetables. Athletes should choose whole-grain cereals like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal over processed ones like white bread, and rice. This is because whole grains provide both energy and fiber, which is necessary for good digestion.

Avoid carbs containing lots of processed sugars like sodas and candy bars. These are tempting, but they don't have the other equally important nutrients like fiber. Sure, they'll give you a quick energy burst, but it will subside as soon as they are out of the system, and the after-effects won't be pleasant.


Everyone needs protein, but athletes need them more than we do. Proteins are important for repairing and growing muscle. Protein can be found in lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, soy, legumes, and dairy products.

Choosing the Best Healthy Energy Foods for Athletes


Fats, like carbs, are a good source of energy, but the energy from fats lasts longer. They also promote good hormone levels.

Sources of fats include avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts. Avoid eating fats just before workouts because they can slow down digestion and you'll end up more tired.


It's important for athletes to constantly hydrate. You lose a lot of fluids through sweat when you work out, and this could lead to dehydration. A common symptom of dehydration is headaches. Dehydration can affect your overall performance as an athlete.

Imagine not winning a game because you didn't drink enough water? You should drink water before and after exercise, and also during exercise every 15 to 20 minutes. Drinks you can take to stay hydrated include water, milk, pure fruit juice, and sports drinks.

Note that sports drinks are not the same as energy drinks. Avoid energy drinks, as they contain lots of caffeine and processed sugars. Caffeine may improve your performance, but too much of it can cause side effects like jitters, anxiety, and insomnia.

The Choice of Natural Energy Supplements

Now, imagine if you had food that contained all these nutrients? Natural energy supplements combine different natural ingredients to make a highly nutritious healthy energy food for athletes. Here are three of them.

Eden Healthfoods High Octane Intra Workout Powder 150g

High Octane is a pre-workout supplement that contains organic, wild-grown whole herbs and foods which provide you with the energy you need. It's a pre-workout supplement, so it boosts your energy levels before you start working out. This increases your endurance and helps you work out for longer without getting tired fast. Ingredients included in it are:

  • Tribulus and Sarsaparilla for bodybuilding power.
  • Four different types of ginseng root to fight tiredness and improve focus.
  • Coconut water for hydration and to provide nutrients to the muscles during the workout.
  • Stevia, a natural sweetener that is sweeter than sugar but has fewer calories.

This product is the first of its kind to stimulate energy using a blend of organic herbs instead of caffeine.

Eden Healthfoods High Octane Intra Workout Powder 150g

Sunwarrior Organic Blend Protein Mocha Powder 750g

This healthy energy food for athletes can be taken before and after a workout. After a rigorous workout, energy levels in the body are usually low, and it's advisable to eat something that can instantly boost your energy.

Sunwarrior does this with its blend of organic whole ingredients which provide these key nutrients:

  • Carbohydrates and fiber
  • Protein (plant-based)
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Sodium

Organic Blend Protein Mocha powder builds and repairs muscle, improves digestion, and strengthens the immune system. This in turn leads to more energy.

Sunwarrior Organic Blend Protein Mocha Powder 750g

Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Chocolate Protein Powder 400g

This is a plant-based protein powder made from sprouted brown rice that's been fermented using a natural enzyme to break down the carbohydrate to produce the raw protein. Some benefits of this powder that make it a healthy energy food for athletes are:

  • It has all essential amino acids, which help in building muscle, enhance blood flow, enhance protein synthesis, and raise levels of growth hormones.
  • It contains lots of fiber which helps in the movement of food through the gut.
  • 98.2% of the protein consumed is absorbed and used by the body with very little going to waste.

Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Chocolate Protein Powder 400g

Final Words

The best healthy energy foods for athletes are natural and wholesome. They should build the body and enhance athletic performance in a natural way that doesn't change or interfere with other processes of the body.

Choosing the Best Healthy Energy Foods for Athletes