Everything You Need to Know about Manuka Health Honey

September 23, 2020 4 min read

manuka health honey

Everything You Need to Know about Manuka Health Honey

Manuka Health is a leading natural health company based in New Zealand. One of its leading products is Manuka honey. This is a unique type of honey produced by European honey bees which forage on the Manuka bush, a plant native to New Zealand and Australia.

The honey produced by these bees has special antimicrobial and other properties that set it apart from other types of honey. In this article, we'll see what makes Manuka honey so special, some of its health benefits, and why you should use honey from Manuka Health.

What Makes Manuka Honey So Special?

Manuka honey is more complex than the typical table honey. It contains high levels of naturally-occurring compounds Methylglyoxal (MGO) and dihydroxyacetone (DHA) due to bees foraging on Manuka flower nectar.

The MGO content in honey increases as the honey ripens. Normal honey also has MGO but in very little amounts. High MGO content is what gives Manuka honey its unique health benefits.

What is UMF?

Licensed and registered exporters, producers, and beekeepers of genuine Manuka honey are given a quality trademark known as Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) which shows that their product is genuine.

Manuka honey contains different levels of MGO and dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and the UMF number indicates how much MGO is contained in each pot of honey. The higher the number, the more pure and potent the honey will be.

UMF is generally scored like this:

  • 0-4: undetectable
  • 5-9: low levels
  • 10-15: useful levels
  • 16: high-grade levels, superior

manuka health honey

Manuka Honey Health Benefits


Manuka honey has been found to be effective against common disease-causing bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureusand Streptococcus.

Sometimes, bacteria form a thin slippery layer on a body surface. This makes it difficult to get rid of them as they can easily hide from antibiotics and cause recurring infections. Manuka honey is effective against these biofilms as well.

Manuka honey also works against bacteria which have developed resistance towards regular antibiotics.


Table honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which kills both bacteria and viruses. Manuka honey has additional effectiveness against viruses because it contains MGO.

The more MGO the honey has, the stronger it will be against viruses. A number of small studies have even found Manuka honey to be effective against the influenza virus.

Healing of Wounds

Honey is acidic, which helps in healing wounds by blocking enzymes that prevent the body from repairing itself. It also pulls water out of the wound, which dehydrates any bacteria that may be inside the wound and kills them off.

The high sugar content in honey also helps to protect wounds from invading germs. Manuka honey also contains lots of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory abilities that promote wound healing.

Digestive Health

Manuka honey has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation that causes gastric ulcers in the gut.

It is effective against the bacteria Clostridium difficile, which has been linked to colitis, and Helicobacter pylori, which is known to cause ulcers.

It also contains prebiotic substances that provide food for beneficial gut bacteria like Bifidobacteriumand Lactobacillus.

Sore Throats

The strong antibacterial and antiviral properties of Manuka honey make it great for treating sore throats and reducing their severity. Taken in warm water or in a mixture of warm water and lemon juice, it can help prevent a cold.

Dental Health

Recent studies have shown that Manuka honey helps with dental health by reducing plaque buildup and preventing gingivitis.

Skin Health

Manuka honey is thought to be effective against inflammation and irritation commonly associated with acne when applied as a thin layer directly to the skin.

Why Choose Manuka Health?

Many companies now distribute Manuka honey due to its rise in popularity. Manuka Health honey is unique for a number of reasons.

It is UMF and MGO Certified

We've already seen that what makes Manuka honey special is its high levels of MGO. However, Manuka honey can have different levels of MGO, and the more it has the better the honey will be.

Manuka Health pioneered and promoted the use of MGO internationally as a transparent mark of quality assurance to guide customers on how to purchase only the best Manuka honey.

Manuka Health displays both the MGO and UMF number clearly on the label to assure customers that what they are buying is actually effective.

Quality Testing Process

Manuka Health takes all its honey through a rigorous quality testing process which involves testing for sugars, pollen, moisture content, flavor, color, enzyme activity, microbiology, and toxins.

Hives are placed in wild and remote environments away from agricultural land so there is little risk of contamination by herbicides and pesticides. Still, the honey is routinely tested for the presence of these residues. Every jar is tested three times during extraction, processing, and packaging to ensure that is pure.

Our honey is also tested according to industry standards set out by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). The MPI specifies five science-based markers that need to be present in honey for it to be credibly labeled New Zealand Manuka honey for export.

Easily Traceable

There's a lot of fake Manuka honey out there and you can get easily duped. Not so with our products. Each pot of Manuka Health Honey has a unique QR code that shows the origin and authenticity of the honey.

In addition to this, Manuka Health has a partnership with scientific traceability company Oritain. Oritain analyzes each batch of Manuka honey and create an original fingerprint that can scientifically prove that every jar of Manuka Health Honey is authentic and not counterfeit.

Controlled Process from Hive to Home

Unlike other Manuka honey companies, we are fully involved in our honey production- from the hives to the processing facility to the laboratory to the final honey pot.

That helps us maintain quality and safety standards all through the process and ensure that each pot of Manuka meets all the standards.

Final Words

Healthy living has never been sweeter. Use Manuka honey on bread, in drinks, or by itself and you will instantly feel a health boost.

manuka health honey