Everything You Need to Know About Nature's Child

December 15, 2020 4 min read

Natures Child

Everything You Need to Know About Nature's Child

We all want to use safe products to protect our health. However, when you have a child, it calls for extra keenness when selecting baby products. Natures Child is a brand whose baby products you should consider using. The company provides items with organic ingredients that are safe for your baby. They are also environment-friendly. Below is a guide about the brand for details on what it offers.

What Is Natures Child?

Natures Child is a company based in Australia that specializes in making high-grade organic baby products. It has been operating since 2000, providing families with eco-friendly solutions. It supports eco families enabling them to live simpler lives and protect their babies.

Natures is ACO-certified, and its ACO certification number is 10923. You can be sure that you are buying genuinely organic products. Note that ACO stands for Australian Certified Organic.

The company's latest products include cloth nappies, breast pads, reusable swim nappy, and dry bags. You get to purchase organic products and spend less. 

Natures Child

Why Buy Baby Essentials from Natures Child?

All Natures products consist of all-natural components. They are cruelty-free and do not have any toxins and chemicals that might harm your baby.

Besides, the manufacturer provides a variety of baby products. You use different products from the company and maintain consistency. The items are also high-quality to ensure you get value for your money.

If you are an environment enthusiast, Natures' product range suits you. Buyers get to use reusable products that, in the end, reduce waste in the environment. Natures Child also utilizes earth-friendly packaging and adheres to eco-shopping to further protect the environment.

Products Natures Child Offers

Natures provides a variety of baby products. However, we are going to look at the top seven products. You can visit Natures website to view all the available items. Remember, these products are safe and organic.

1. Baby Skincare

Natures offer various items to help you take care of your baby's skin. They include organic cotton baby wipes, baby powder, cotton face wipes, baby wash, and mosquito repellant. With these products, you can take care of your child's sensitive skin and keep him or her healthy and comfortable. For example, the organic bottom balm helps with nappy rash. You can use it with both cloth and disposable nappies.

It is also fragrance and perseverative-free. The baby wash, on the other hand, gives your baby a soothing bath time. Besides, it is gentle on the skin and fragrance-free as well.

natures child skin care

2. Cloth Nappies

The company provides various nappy options. They entail multi-fit nappy, newborn nappy, night nappy, clothe nappy with insert, and reusable swim nappies. Purchase the types you need and get natural nappies for your baby's bottom. The nappy with inserts is as versatile as it gets. You remove the insert if it is the only soiled part. You can also add extra inserts for nights to enhance absorbency and keep your baby comfortable all night. However, newborn nappies are an ideal fit for the first months of your baby's life.

Nature's Child Cloth nappies

Nature's Child Luxury Towelling Nappies 6 pack

3. Teething Toys

Teething is an uncomfortable experience for babies. Natures provides teething toys to soothe your baby as he or she goes through the teething stage. They are chemical-free for the safety of kids and come in various shapes. You can buy your baby the square wooden teething toy or the rubber star ball. However, other teethers take different animal shapes, such as a duck, pandas, and fish, which attract your baby's attention.

4. Amber Necklace

Adorn your child with the beautiful amber necklace from Natures. It is elegant, and you get it in mixed color and cognac (singe color) options. The brand also provides amber anklets and bracelets to have your baby looking stunning.

Nature's Child Amber Necklace 13g

Nature's Child Amber Necklace 13g

5. Nipple Balm and Reusable Breast Pad

These products are not necessarily for babies, but they help mothers take care of themselves. As you take care of your precious little one, do not forget to tend to yourself as a mother. When you are comfortable and feeling great, you are in a better position to care for your child stress-free. That is why Natures provides nipple balm and reusable breast pads.

The balm is soothing, soft, and moisturizing to help relieve sore, dry, tender nipples. It absorbs into the skin in time before the next feed and is rarely necessary to wipe it off. Besides, the balm has no essential oils. However, Natures breast pads are soft, so they do not irritate sensitive nipples. They are a healthy option for your baby, and you save money in the process. Disposable breast pads are expensive. Natures also provide maternity pads.

Natures child nipple balm

Nature's Child Nipple Balm Organic 10g

6. Baby Bath Toys

Bathing your baby is an excellent time to bond with your little one. However, you can make it more fun for your baby with bath toys. Natures has several options to make water time with your baby enjoyable. The brand provides different bath toys in diverse shapes. They entail duck, star ball, and teether panda. Make bath time fun for your baby as you bond and know each other more.

7. Organic Baby Clothing

We have already covered some of the products in this category. They include breast pads, baby wipes, and face wipes. Natures utilize organic components in these items for your baby's wellbeing and the environment, which we need to protect for current and future generations.

Natures Child provides organic products from other brands. They include Heven, Merino Kids, Tri Nature Lifestyle, Jack n' Nill, Miessence, N Lil, and Simple Gentle Organics. They offer various products for your baby, including rubber nipples, baby wraps, laundry powder, toothpaste, and prewash spray. Therefore, buyers have a wider range of products to choose from.

natures child baby wipes organic

Nature's Child Reusable Baby Wipes Organic 8 pack

Final Words

Natures Child is a brand to consider using. It offers various organic products for babies. They are high-quality and do not contain harmful components. Check the product line and select the items you need to take care of your baby safely. Remember to buy something for you as a mother. Natures provides nipple balm and breast pads to keep you comfortable.

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