Exploring the Nutritional Values and Health Benefits of Beetroot Sprouts

January 28, 2021 4 min read

beetroot sprouts

Exploring the Nutritional Values and Health Benefits of Beetroot Sprouts

Plants such as beetroot provide nutrients that support different bodily functions. Perhaps you have been eating beets and enjoying the flavor and nutrition. If you have not, it is never too late to include them in your meals and snacks. However, consider eating beetroot sprouts as well. They are also delicious, full of nutrition, and allow you to try out new recipes. Below are more details on the sprouts.

What Are Beetroot Sprouts?

Unlike beetroot, a round root vegetable, beetroot sprouts are young, leafy parts of the beet plant. They consist of red shoots, red veins, and leaves that take both green and red colors. They have a light, earthy flavor and add fantastic color to your foods. Note that sprouts are ready to harvest after six to eight days. You can plant them if you like instead of buying them at a store near you. Remember to pre-soak the seeds to get the best results.

beetroot sprouts

What Nutrients Do They Offer Your Body?

Beet sprouts are rich in nutrients your body needs to function better. They digest easily and contain vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K), calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, amino acids, zinc, manganese, and folic acid. They also have protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants, carotene, and high amounts of fiber. These nutrients foster your wellbeing in various ways to keep you healthy.

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The Health Benefits of Beetroot Sprouts

Your body has several things to gain from these sprouts. Beetroot sprouts health benefits include the following.

  • Improve digestion: as mentioned earlier, these sprouts are rich in fiber, which prevents digestive problems such as constipation and support proper gut health. Besides, fiber keeps you feeling full for longer, which hinders frequent hunger pangs. However, it helps in lowering cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Promotes heart health: for starters, reduced cholesterol enhances proper blood flow, which improves heart health. Nonetheless, beet sprouts can also help prevent stroke and heart attack. That is not all. They contain carotenoids and flavonoids, which prevent bad cholesterol from building up on the walls of your arteries. Such cholesterol narrows the blood vessels, which causes high blood pressure.
  • Enhance immunity: the vitamins and minerals in the sprouts safeguard your body against infections. They also entail antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals that cause dangerous conditions such as cell damage and inflammation.
  • Support weight loss: beet sprouts have low calories and high levels of fiber. These two factors enhance your weight loss efforts as you strive to stay fit. Cutting on calories forms a crucial part of weight loss, while fiber keeps hunger at bay, so you eat less often.
  • Boost energy levels: these sprouts give you an energy boost. Instead of eating junk snacks and sugary foods, consider ingesting beet sprouts. They are healthy, nutritious, low-calorie, and simple to digest.
  • Improve anemia: beet sprouts are rich in iron, which protects against anemia and enhances the regeneration of red blood cells. Besides, the vitamin C in the sprouts increases iron absorption in your body for a healthier you.
  • Help prevents birth defects: the folate in the sprouts assists in developing an infant's spinal column. Folate deficiency causes different birth defects such as neural tube problems.
  • A detox product: beet sprouts also foster detoxification. They help your body get rid of more toxins to keep it working optimally and reduce the detox burden on your liver.
  • Amino acids in the sprouts are building blocks of muscles and other organs. However, the sprouts also contain protein, which contributes to keeping you full for longer. It also helps in repairing tissues and building muscles. Beet sprouts also have chlorophyll, which regenerates and repairs tissues and cells.

How to use Beetroot Sprouts

Beetroot sprouts are versatile. You can eat them raw and give your body all the nutritional value they provide. However, you can also cook the sprouts and use them in different recipes. For instance, add them to your salads, soups, sandwiches, stir-fries, omelets, and toast dishes. You could also blend them into your pre-workout smoothie and benefit from the energy boost they provide or include them in your pancake recipe.

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Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Beetroot Sprouts

You need to be careful when purchasing beetroot sprouts. Do not endanger your wellbeing by buying low-quality sprouts.

Make sure you buy fresh sprouts that have been refrigerated to ensure our body gets the beneficial nutrients they provide. Besides, do not purchase sprouts with a strong smell or that look slimy. Once you get home, refrigerate your sprouts at a temperature under 8 °C. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before handling raw sprouts.

Check the sprouts you intend to buy to ensure they are organic. Suppose they are certified organic, the better. Organic sprouts are naturally farmed; thus, are free of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Some brands grow their own organic beet sprouts. That way, they oversee every stage of production to ensure consistency in quality. However, other sources sprouts from farmers who grow them organically.

Avoid GMO sprouts at all costs, as they are bad for your health. Only spend money on high-quality sprouts to protect your wellbeing. Besides, vacuum-packed sprouts remain fresh to provide your body with essential nutrients.

Always research a product before making any purchases, no matter how convincing the manufacturer is. In the world we live in today, finding out more about sprouts is easy. Go online and search for information on the sprouts you intend to buy. There should be adequate information about them. Look for user reviews as well and contact customer service for more details, if need be.

Note that some manufacturers provide beet sprouts in powder form. If you choose this option, ensure the powder you purchase is all-natural and does not have any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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Final Words

Beetroot sprouts provide various health benefits, as they are rich in nutrients. They are simple to prepare, easy to digest, and usable in multiple ways. You can eat them as they are, add to salads, or utilize them in other recipes. The sprouts improve heart health, boost immunity and energy levels, prevent iron deficiency, and support digestive health and detox functions. Remember only to buy organic sprouts to protect your body from the side effects of artificial components.

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