Lion's Mane Benefits: A Look at the Lions Mane Mushroom Powder Supplement

November 10, 2020 4 min read

Lions Mane Mushroom Powder

Lion's Mane Benefits: A Look at the Lions Mane Mushroom Powder Supplement

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients to support different functions. Plants are a great source of nutrition and form an essential part of meals. However, it is possible to have a deficiency of nutrients in a diet, perhaps due to a busy lifestyle or poor meal planning. This is where dietary supplements such as Lions Mane Mushroom Powder come in to help.

They provide nutrients that might lack in your meals or boost your intake. Below is a detailed guide on the mushroom powder, including lions mane benefits, how to use the product, and where you can purchase it. Continue reading to find out more before making any purchasing decision. 

What Is Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder?

Lions Mane Mushroom Powder is an organic supplement made in Australia that alleviates different ailments. The manufacturer utilizes log-grown and wild-cultivated lions mane mushroom in making the product and uses clean water to derive the required extract. The formulation is a superfood powder containing many nutrients to keep users feeling healthier in body and mind.

It is good for brain functions, the immune system, and the nervous system. Besides, the product is rich in antioxidants that prevent inflammation, a condition that might lead to serious health problems. You can order the Lions Mane supplement from the EZ Organics store online and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Note that the lion's mane mushroom is edible and looks like a lion's hairy mane; no wonder the name. Chinese traditional medicine has been using it for its health benefits and mood-elevating capabilities. You can eat the mushroom raw, cooked, dried, or add to drinks. 

The Ingredients in Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplement

The Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder contains high amounts of beta-glucans and antioxidants that enhance the immune system's functioning. It also has amino acids, minerals, nerve growth factor, and fatty acids that support brain functions and regeneration for general wellness.

Lions mane mushroom is sometimes called the smart mushroom due to its positive effects on brain functions. It provides more brainpower, improves memory, regenerates nerve cells, and boosts cognition. Besides, it also helps with maintaining a healthy gut and proper digestion.

lion's mane mushroom benefits

How Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplement works

The lion's mane mushroom is a superfood, which means it contains various nutrients to nourish your body. The supplement is made from mushrooms organically grown on logs in the wild, away from pollution. Therefore, the mushrooms have high amounts of beta-glucans and antioxidants, and other nutrients that make it a superfood.

Besides, they are not exposed to herbicides, insecticides, or artificial fertilizers, making their extracts safe for consumers.

Being a superfood, the lion's mane mushroom supplement works in various ways to benefit your body. For example, it triggers your body to create the nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor. The two compounds enhance brain health, as they stimulate the making of new brain cells and strengthen the existing ones.

This way, they improve memory and focus, two functions that slow down as we age.

The powder also has antioxidants that prevent inflammation and boost brain health for better memory and other cognitive functions. Besides, it strengthens your immune system by improving the activity of immune cells. It also stimulates the production of more bacteria in the gut to enhance immunity. Lion mane benefits do not end there.

The product might assist with managing weight. How? It boosts how your body breaks down fats and lowers the levels of triglycerides in your system. This helps in preventing weight gain, a process that is beneficial for your overall wellbeing. 

The Benefits of Using Lion's Mane Powder

The Lions Mane Mushroom benefits include the following. We have already mentioned some of them in the above topics.

  • Sharpens your memory and concentration
  • Enhances brain health
  • Elevates your mood
  • Increases energy levels
  • Boosts immunity and nervous system functions
  • Fosters digestion and gut health
  • Relieves depression and anxiety
  • Might help repair nerve damage 

How to Use Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder

The lion's mane powder is a versatile product. You can mix it with water, coffee, smoothies, yogurt, hot chocolate, or soup broth. Besides, it is not heat-sensitive, and you can also use it in dessert recipes and any food. One serving is half a tsp per day, which is equal to 1.7g of powder.

One jar of the supplement provides 30 servings. The product has a natural, earthy scent with a mildly sweet nutty flavor, making it easier to utilize.

If you are new to the product or sensitive to herbal formulations, begin with 14 tsp servings. That way, you allow your body to adjust more easily to the product. Monitor how you respond to the formula, and you can later increase the dosage to reap the various lions mane benefits for your body.

The supplement comes in an elegant back jar. You can purchase the 50g or 100g container and get 30 servings or 60 servings, respectively. As long as you keep the jar sealed, the powder can last for two years from the day of purchase. Besides, it does not require refrigeration.

lion's mane mushroom benefits


With the above lions mane benefits above, the product is worth considering. Below is a summary of things to note about the formula.

  • Paleo-friendly with zero sugar and no saturated fats
  • Has no added grains, mycelium, fillers, or starch
  • Di Tao-sourced with high-grade components
  • It is a natural nootropic, and ACO certified organic
  • Nut and dairy-free with less than 2% starch
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free
  • Soy-free with no added preservatives
  • Simple to use and mixes properly with water
  • Has no artificial flavors or colors 


Lion's Mane Mushroom powder is a supplement with multiple benefits. It is organic with no artificial flavors or colors and improves immunity, nerve system, and brain health. The product is a superfood formulation that helps boost your focus, energy levels, mood, and memory.

Anyone can use it, as it is vegan and gluten, soy, dairy, and nut-free.

Besides, it has no added sugar or saturated fat and contains minimal amounts of starch. You can buy the small container (50g) to try out the product before committing to the larger (100g) container. If you are new to the product, start with the lowest recommended dose before advancing to the higher dosage.

Lions Mane Mushroom Powder