Organic Gut Health Products - The Top 5 Supplements

September 25, 2020 4 min read

Organic Gut Health Products - The Top 5 Supplements

Organic Gut Health Products/Supplements

Holistic wellness is anchored on a healthy gut. A healthy gut means a healthy brain, a healthy heart, a healthy mood, and everything else. At EZ Organics Shop Australia, we bring diverse products and supplements that guarantee better gut health. Here is what doctors around the world recommend for gastroenteric health:


As a human being, you are a supra organism. You have other microorganisms living in you. Unfortunately, the gut can host both good and bad bacteria. Prebiotic supplements improve your count of good gut bacteria. They are natural products sourced from dietary fibers and starch resistant foods, and they help the growth of friendly gut bacteria.

For these benefits consider adding the Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Greens Powder 300g to your shopping cart. This product is a natural blend of green leafy vegetables and minerals that can improve and strengthen your health. You get 4mg of chlorophyll per serve.

Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Greens Powder 300g

You can use the gluten-free prebiotic product as a detox formula. Its mix of kales, barley grass, and Jerusalem artichoke, among others, will lead to better digestive health, a stronger immunity, and effortless weight management.

Prebiotics supplements have holistic health benefits:

  • They keep your gut bacteria, the good kind, happy and healthy
  • A thriving colony of good gut bacteria reduces toxicity and the risk of colon cancer
  • When you eat these supplements, you attain an electrolyte-mineral balance which helps to lower blood pressure
  • Prebiotic supplement products improve your gut's ability to absorb more nutrients from food
  • They can keep hormones in check for better mood and thicker, fuller hair


Like prebiotics, probiotics, foods, and supplements help the good bacteria in your gut to thrive. However, probiotic supplements contain a source of live bacteria that directly help restore balance in your gut's ecology. The result is better digestion and reduced risk of infections, from UTIs to irritable bowel syndrome, gum disease, eczema, etc.

Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Pre/Pro Biotic Powder 80g has 15 strains of probiotics that can do wonders for your body and immune system. It is formulated with non-GMO and organic ingredients. It is vegan friendly, and a single teaspoon contains 25 billion colony forming units of good bacteria.

Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Pre/Pro Biotic Powder 80g

Other benefits of probiotics

  • They reduce the risk of diarrhea
  • Products that contain Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains of bacteria can reduce anxiety and depression
  • Probiotics reduce cholesterol and improve heart health
  • They reduce skin allergies
  • Introduction of good bacteria into your gut can speed up fat metabolism and weight loss

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is good for your gut and overall wellness. Don't confuse it with regular charcoal powder. This type of charcoal is 'activated,' meaning it's been heated at extremely high temperatures.

The process breaks up the charcoal bonds, removes contaminants, and improves its potential as a detox agent. Activated charcoal supplements will clean your gut by trapping toxins and chemicals, so they are not absorbed.

If you have a severe case of intestinal gas, consider using the Eden Healthfoods Activated charcoal. It helps to remove the liquids and gases that cause blotting. Further studies have shown that using activated charcoal products reduces the risk of abdominal pain. It is the go-to solution for relief against diarrhea. It can be used as an emergency detox solution following an incident of poisoning.

Eden Healthfoods Activated Charcoal Powder 100g

Activated charcoal has additional health benefits:

  • Better kidney health- activated charcoal filters out toxins preventing their absorption
  • Whiter teeth- many teeth whitening formulations in the market use activated charcoal
  • Healthier skin- activated charcoal can draw microparticles to the surface as an exfoliator

Green tea

Green tea has many incredible benefits, including gut health. This health supplement has been historically used to treat diarrhea and cleanse the gut from the harmful bacteria that cause stomach ache. If you have nausea, bloating, and indigestion, it's time you took your afternoon cup of green tea.

When using green tea for gut wellness, experts recommend a maximum of 2 cups per day. Taking too much of it can cause the same illnesses you are trying to remedy; stomach upsets and nausea.

If you have come across matcha supplements, they are the same as green tea. However, whereas green tea involves infusing green tea leaves in water, matcha is green tea powder. Matcha packs plenty of chlorophyll, and the grinding process is done in controlled conditions to preserve the nutrients.

Teelixir Mushroom Matcha Latte with Lion's Mane 60g gives you the benefits of matcha and mushrooms in a single product. You get to strengthen your gut health and reduce the risk of cancer. Continual use of the product can similarly boost your immunity, given that it is packed with numerous antioxidants, fatty acids, and amino acids.

Teelixir Mushroom Matcha Latte with Lion's Mane 60g

Other benefits of mushroom matcha supplements

  • They lower cholesterol levels
  • The antioxidants in the products reduce inflammation and dial down allergic responses
  • Regular use of mushroom matcha can slow down the aging process

Aloe Vera

You probably know about the many health benefits of aloe Vera including skin health and oral health. This plant is good for the gut too. Aloe juice can effectively soothe an upset stomach. It relaxes the digestive tract and improves mucosal secretion to heal ulcers.

Recent scientific research proves the efficiency of this plant supplement against irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut. Drinking Aloe Vera juice also helps with hydration. The high water content in your gut reduces constipation and promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Eden Healthfoods IDF #1 Gut D-tox Week 1 (Vegecaps 100) is an organic blend of wildcrafted aloe Vera. An herbal detox supplement, this health supplement can inactivate harmful bacteria in the gut, including Candida Albicans, and promote the growth of healthy microbes. It can stop intestinal bleeding, and its ginger component can prevent gas and improve digestion.

Eden Healthfoods IDF #1 Gut D-tox Week 1 (Vegecaps 100)

Additional health benefits:

  • Aloe Vera heals burns
  • The supplement can promote skin health and reduce acne.
  • It reduced plaque and oral infections
  • Aloe Vera supplements can reduce heartburn and boost liver function

EZ Organic Shop brings you the best gut health supplements Australia. You can be confident that all products are tested to be safe and effective for your digestive health and overall wellbeing. And we give you up to 10% discount on bulk orders, and returns are easy and stress-free.

Shop now and start your journey to wellness!