The Connection Between Beetroot and Low Blood Pressure

January 25, 2021 4 min read

beetroot and low blood pressure

The Connection Between Beetroot and Low Blood Pressure

Beetroot is a food that has often been known for it's healing properties, and it has recently been widely touted for it's ability to lower blood pressure. Many have been speculating about the link between ingesting beetroot and low blood pressure. However, this idea has been gaining even more traction in recent years due to studies which have helped proved the effect beet consumption has on blood pressure.

Consuming Beetroot to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Of course, given that consumption of beetroot can lower blood pressure, it only makes sense that it's consumption would become more popular. That's why there is an increasing number of products featuring beetroot being made available on the health food market. As with anything, you're always going to want to get the purest and cleanest source of beetroot available. In order to experience the fullest health benefits that beetroot has to offer, you'll need to make sure that you're using care when choosing where you get your beetroot from.

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Daily Consumption of Beetroot

Studies that have shown the positive effects of beet consumption generally only showcase subjects over a short period of time. Because of this, there is no telling how positive the effects from daily beetroot consumption may be! If a single dose can be enough to lower blood pressure to stable levels, daily consumption could be enough to set you back into balance for good! Any way you look at it, if you suffer from high blood pressure, trying beetroot supplementation can be an incredibly proactive way to battle it.

The Connection Between Beetroot and Blood Pressure

The reason that beetroot has been known to lower blood pressure is because of it's high concentration of natural nitrates. While some forms of added nitrates may have a negative connotation in meats and other processed foods, the natural nitrates found in beetroot have medicinal properties. These nitrates are also found in other vegetables, but are found in a particularly high concentration in the beetroot. This makes beetroot supplementation one of the easiest ways to guarantee your diet has a steady supply of these necessary natural nitrates.

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How Nitrates Ease Blood Pressure

The healthy natural nitrates that are found in such high concentrations in the beetroot are converted to nitric oxide in the body. This nitric oxide, in turn, dilates the blood vessels. This then creates a much healthier flow of blood through the body, greatly reducing pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, daily consumption of these natural nitrates should be seen as a must. Hence, one can see the value in beetroot supplementation. Thankfully, there are many ways to supplement your diet with beetroot.

How to Get More Beetroot in Your Diet

There are many ways to get more beetroot in your diet. Besides simply eating it whole, you can eat it in juiced or powdered form. Given that some may not always like the taste of beet, these powdered forms are often the favorite of those looking for large quantities of natural nitrates. These powders can be either pure beetroot powder, or beetroot powder mixed with other powders. These other powders may feature unique medicinal benefits of their own.

Super Sprout Beetroot Powder 1kg

If you're looking for organic beetroot in it's purest form, this beetroot powder is just about the best you can get. It's just beetroot, with absolutely nothing else, and it's cleanly sourced to guarantee no contaminants from outside sources. You can add it to your food or put it in smoothies. It's versatility makes this one of the most popular options for beetroot supplementation. You can get it in bulk quantities, and know you're getting plenty of high-quality organic beetroot. If healthy, natural nitrate supplementation is your endgame, there are fewer better ways to go than this. However, there are also other options for those who like to spice things up.

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Teelixir Mushroom Beet Latte 100g

Here's an organic powdered latte from Teelixir that features beetroot, along with some other ingredients. Those ingredients include the chaga mushroom, as well as raw cacao. These ingredients offer their own added benefits, including vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidant properties. A perfect alternative to morning coffee that will lower your blood pressure instead of simply making it worse.

beetroot and low blood pressure - Teelixir Mushroom Beet Latte 100g

Planet Organic Beetroot Latte 100g

Here's another beetroot latte, this time with a slightly higher emphasis on the beetroot. Once again, this would be an incredible alternative to your morning coffee for those suffering from high blood pressure. The caffeine, milk, and sugar that you find in your regular morning coffee will only raise your blood pressure, while the ingredients found in this latte will help to lower it. It features cinnamon and ginger, also with their own medicinal benefits. It also has it's own creamer, in the form of coconut milk powder. This is a great option for those looking for a beetroot latte powder!

beetroot and low blood pressure - Planet Organic Beetroot Latte 100g

Power Super Foods Beetroot Powder Organic 125g

Here's another option if you're looking for simple beetroot powder. If you're looking for high quantities of pure, organically-grown powdered beetroot, this is another excellent source that you may consider. Powders can be bought in many quantities, from smaller sizes to bulk quantities that will allow for effortless daily supplementation. If you're looking for an easy way to help lower your blood pressure, ordering a huge bag of organic powdered beetroot to start supplementing your diet with is a great place to start!

beetroot and low blood pressure - Power Super Foods Beetroot Powder Organic 125g

Beetroot Supplementation Can Help with High Blood Pressure!

As you can see, daily supplementation of beetroot could potentially make a world of difference for those suffering from high blood pressure. Because of the high concentration of natural nitrates found in the beetroot, it is an exceptionally effective way to help relax tightened blood vessels. If you're looking to start supplementing your diet with a clean source of healthy, natural nitrates, beetroot powder is the way to do it! Thankfully, any of the above sources would be a great way to go for anyone looking to start adding beetroot to their diet today!

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