The Health Benefits of Raw Greens Powder

September 30, 2020 4 min read

The Health Benefits of Raw Greens Powder

The Health Benefits of Raw Greens Powder

Your mum said, "Eat your veggies." It was good advice, but unfortunately not many of us-except vegans and vegetarians-are fond of veggies. So many illnesses ravage the world today. And if veggies are not on your plate, the odds may stack against you in today's climate. Luckily, synergy super greens may help.

The best super greens

Super greens, also known as raw greens, are veggie supplements for strengthening your health. They help to ensure that you meet your daily recommended amount of vegetable intake. It's okay to love your barbeque but ensure to eat a few servings of vegetables or use raw greens.

How to use Synergy super greens

These supplements are simply vegetable pills to powders or mix in water. You can also add them to your teas, soups and smoothies. Naturally, raw greens have a grassy flavor. To enjoy the experience, consider products that are flavor enhanced-many brands use natural sugars for that. 

How to choose raw green supplements

Many products out there blend of several vegetable ingredients in one. The more of the number of natural and organic vegetables included in the product, the better. But that's not all that matters. Choose a trusted brand and buy a product that meets your specific health needs. Here is a detailed guide: 

  • Leafy greens

As a rule of thumb, an adult is required to get at least 2 cups of leafy greens per week. These veggies have the fibers, the vitamins and the micronutrients that help in weight loss, immunity and skin health. Check to ensure that your raw green organic health supplement contains leafy green ingredients such as spinach and kales. 

  • Sea vegetables

Sea vegetables are also called seaweeds. They are packed with the right amount of iodine for a healthier thyroid. Sea vegetables further contain vitamins A, C, E and K. Their many antioxidants can slow down ageing while their high fiber content can improve gut health. If you get a raw green supplement with seaweed formulation, you can be super healthy. 

The Health Benefits of Raw Greens Powder

  • Healthy vegetables

Other veggies like cabbages, tomatoes and broccoli are essential for a healthy life. They are essential not only for their extensive range of vitamins but for minerals as well. From calcium to iron to iron and magnesium, eating a variety of veggies daily can transform your holistic wellness in diverse ways. The best super green powders and tablets should have a formulation of extensive vegetable ingredients. 

  • Grasses

The grass is a super food. Generations of the past used wheatgrass and alfalfa grass to lower blood sugar levels and reduce the symptoms of menopause. These two are just examples of grasses with a high composition of folate and vitamins C and K. Veggie powders that contain grasses may significantly help in reducing the severity of diabetes symptoms, promoting weight loss and strengthening resilience against bacterial infections. Look for barley grass, oat grass, wheatgrass and others. 

synergy super greens

  • Fruits, roots and teas

Fruits, roots and teas run both the Ayurveda and pharmaceutical industries. Take a pill and scan its ingredient list. You will likely come across the scientific names of orange extract, green tea, blueberries, ginkgo biloba extract, among others. They are rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds.

Don't wait to get ill for then you will have to take a bitter pill. Stay on top of your health with a tasty and nutritional green powder supplement that has all of these ingredients. 

  • Probiotics

Yoghurt, Tempeh, Kimchi and Kefir are some of the probiotic foods that you need for wellness. They introduce healthy bacteria in your gut. These are microbial that strengthen the healthy bacterial ecology in your body for healing from diarrhea, ulcers, mental health issues, bacterial infections and others.

But can you eat these foods every day? That can be a challenge. Help yourself. Find raw greens that have probiotic formulations such as, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus (L.) rhamnosus. 

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  • Herbs and mushrooms

Herbs can be deliciously and healthy too. When it comes to mushrooms, you certainly don't need convincing, do you? They are lip-smacking. An excellent raw greens product should have a few spices and mushroom formulations. Look for names such as shiitake mushroom extract and milk thistle, astragalus and others. Health benefits include better memory, reduced symptoms of diabetes, stronger immunity and appetite control. 

How are raw greens made?

Many brands use some or all of the ingredients listed above (and many others). The ingredients are dried and ground into powder as in the case of Synergy Super Greens. They can also be juiced and turned into tablets. The formulation process might also entail fermenting the ingredients to increase their potential for probiotics and vitamins. 

Check the nutritional facts

When buying raw greens, be sure to check the nutritional facts of the product, gentle reader. If you are watching your weight, for example, choose product with a lower calorie count per spoon, low-fat content and high dietary fibers. For the best results, in this case, mix them in low-calorie drinks or use plain water. 

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But don't forget to eat your veggies

There is no working around that. Eat your veggies. At least have some fruits and a few servings of greens in a day. Supplements do just that, they supplement, to make up for the full amount needed. You will get better results from raw greens and synergy super greens if you use them in a well-rounded meal plan. 

As a recap, eating lots of fruits and veggies can help reduce:

  • Risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Symptoms of diabetes
  • Various cancers
  • High blood cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Digestive tract diseases

Raw greens supplement your daily vegetable intake and can help improve:

  • Your immunity
  • Metabolism and ability to lose weight
  • Friendly gut bacterial ecology
  • Digestion, energy levels and eyesight
  • Balance of blood sugar levels

Raw greens are a formulation of many plant-based ingredients, as seen above.

Reputable brands deliver quality products that are genuinely organic, vegan, and non-GMO. Such products can fit in any diet plan, giving you a chance to increase your vitamin intake for holistic wellness.

Shop now to experience the health benefits of raw greens!