Organic Shop - 11 Reasons To Make The Switch & Top Products

September 18, 2020 4 min read

Organic Shop - 11 Reasons To Make The Switch & Top Products

The Most Useful Products to Find at an Organic Shop

"Is it organic?" That's a question you've probably heard in a shop more than once (or asked). For most of history, food production was organic. This stopped when people started using chemicals to improve production. Over the years, organic foods have become popular again. The promise of better taste, better health, and environmental benefits have drawn lots of people to the organic food train and the numbers keep growing. At first, getting organic food was difficult as you could only get it directly from a known organic farmer. Now, you can get it at any organic products shop physically or online at the click of a button.

In this article, we'll look at what exactly organic products are, why people go organic, and finally at some of the products in our organic shop.

What is Organic?

Organic food is food that has been produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified organisms (GMO). Organic extends to the processing as well. Organic foods do not contain artificial preservatives, coloring, sweeteners, and another flavoring. Organic crops are grown using manure for fertilizer, while control of pests and weeds is done manually or by crop rotation or other natural remedies.

Why Organic?

There are a number of reasons people decide to go organic:

Fewer Pesticides

Non-organic crops get sprayed with all sorts of chemical pesticides and herbicides to get rid of pests and weeds that may reduce the harvest. These remain as residues on the crops and end up in the food we eat. Organic farming uses methods such as crop rotation, traps, birds, and other insects to control pests and weeds.

No Antibiotics and Hormones

Animals reared in a non-organic way are usually given lots of antibiotics to fight diseases and hormones to promote faster growth. These find their way into the products we get from these animals. Organically-reared animals are fed with organically-grown animal feed and are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. Animal health is promoted through clean living quarters, open-air exercise, and a wholesome diet.

More Nutrients

Organic crops are grown in natural soils without petroleum-based or sewage-sludge based fertilizers (yes, sewage). Sometimes, natural animal manure or organic compost is used to fertilize the soil.

Because of this, these soils tend to have more nutrients than non-organic crops. Non-organic crops are deficient in nutrients because they are grown in soil that is fertilized with the same type of fertilizer over and over again.

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Supports Pollinators

The pesticides sprayed on plants to kill insect pests also kill beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and wasps, which are important pollinators. Some plant species depend primarily on these insects to reproduce, and without them, their existence is threatened. When you buy organic, you're saving lots of plants and insects as well.


Non-organic crops are usually genetically engineered to produce an insecticide or be resistant to one, like Round-Up. The farmers then spray lots of these insecticides and herbicides to kill other pests and weeds which haven't been engineered to be resistant to the chemicals.

These chemicals remain on the produce long after harvest and end up in human and animal diets. Note that for animal products to be certified organic, the animals have to have been fed with organic animal feed as well.

Healthy Soil

The chemical herbicides and pesticides farmers use to deal with weeds and pests kill both harmful and harmless insects and pests. This reduces organic material in the soil, leading to lesser nutrients.

This, in turn, leads to the addition of more synthetic fertilizers in an attempt to improve the soil. Eventually, the soil becomes weak and exhausted and the chemical residues get washed into rivers and lakes, polluting them.

Not everyone can live in or near a farm, but that doesn't mean they can't get organic products. Organic products shops abound in physical locations and online. Now that we've seen why people go organic, let's look at the different types of products in our organic shop.


The Diet category contains products that cater to different types of diets such as dairy-free, gluten-free, detox, paleo, and vegan. Some products in this category include:

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    The range of organic products in this category improves general health and wellbeing. They include:


    This category in our organic shop contains supplements that are beneficial to different parts of the body in different ways. Some of the products are:

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      If you need a shot of extra energy quickly, the products in this category are the ones for you. Here are some of them.


      This category features organic products that boost and restore energy levels before and after working out.

      Final Words

      Getting organic products isn't as hard as it used to be. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by going organic. You owe it to yourself and the environment. The products in our organic products shop cater to a wide variety of needs and there is everything for everyone. Browse through our different organic products online and take your pick!

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