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Terpenes are a class of organic compounds found in the oils of certain species of plants and some insects.

Terpenes have demonstrated to produce different physiological and psychological benefits such as Anti-inflammation, Pain relief, Antibacterial & Antifungal properties, aiding Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress.

Essential Oils Australia

What You Need to Know about Using Essential Oils in Australia

Essential oils in Australia and around the world are growing as a form of aromatherapy and alternative medicine. Some essential oils play a role in soothing anxiety or stress. Others are thought to promote relaxation. Other widely touted benefits include improved digestion, immune system boosts and calmed nerves. At EZ Organic Shop, we sell a range of different essential oils. Before you buy, though, read through this article to learn a bit more about why essential oils are so popular and why they may benefit you. 

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Primal Organix Engage 30ml

$58.95 AUD $65.00 AUD

    Primal Organix Arousal 30ml

    $58.95 AUD $65.00 AUD

      Primal Organix Relieve 30ml

      $52.95 AUD $65.00 AUD

        Primal Organix Focus 30ml

        $52.95 AUD $65.00 AUD

          Primal Organix Be Calm 30ml

          $52.95 AUD $65.00 AUD