Udo's Choice

The Udo’s Choice range was developed by Udo Erasmus, an industry expert in healthy fats and nutrition.

The range tackles four of the most neglected areas of nutrition in the typical diets of western populations; essential fats, greens, microbiotics and digestive enzymes.

Udo's aim was to design a range of products that were:

  • Free of impurities, including any chemical residues
  • Organically certified ingredients (where possible)
  • Contained no genetically modified ingredients
  • Premium products with no unnecessary fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Packaged to maintain the highest quality possible
  • Environmentally friendly packaging processes
  • Vegetarian
  • Produced with respect to all ingredients -protecting nutrients of each with state of the art extraction methods

What is Udo's Choice Good For?

You can use it to make your salad dressings or drizzle it into smoothies, soups, casseroles, porridge, pasta dishes, mashed or baked potatoes and protein shakes. The creator of Udo's Oil, Dr Udo Erasmus, says that of all the countries Udo's Oil is sold in, per capita, Ireland is the winner and has been consistent.